Diploma in Fashion Design
Under Graduation Diploma Program

Fashion Design program 

The Fashion Design program at AIITM has obtained a justified representing itself in the business circles. The garment business blooms with progression and  premonition, and is ceaselessly keeping an eye out for specialists who can get innovative contemplations together with the right specific capacities. The course resolves the issue and is never-endingly expected to accord full rein to the inventive style of the understudies, mixed with basically needed systems at the mechanical level.

The cooperative energy in the course is acquired through literary and reasonable conceptualization. Contributions from the main experts now and again empower the understudies to stay informed concerning the latest things in the article of clothing industry. The understudies are additionally presented to standard visits to industry, fairs, courses, design shows and so forth Moreover, the understudies are presented to genuine workplace through field projects like art study and its documentation and the Industry Internship programs. 

The Curriculum 

The whole accentuation is on making of promising planners made conceivable by broad openness to most recent hardware and gear, visual assets and 'at work' insight during the mechanical preparing. Consequently the educational plan is planned with the end goal that there is a steady however exhaustive improvement of an understudy into an expert originator. 

Development of Basic Skills:

During this stage the understudies are granted fundamental abilities like Elements of Fashion, Elements of Textiles, Elements of Design, Sketching, Art Appreciation, History of Costumes, Pattern Making, Draping, Garment Construction, Textileâ Â Science, Yarn Craft, Study of Crafts and Introduction to Photography. 

Development of Design Skills:

During this stage the stylish just as the innovative abilities are developed and the understudies are prepared in the disciplines like; Basic Design, Fashion Illustration, Surface Developments, Art portfolio, Computer Applications, Design Conceptualization and Manufacturing measure. 

Development of Professional Skills:

In the wake of securing the fundamental abilities, their capability is upgraded through subjects like Advanced Pattern Making, Grading, Construction, Design Development, Introduction to Management Concepts, Apparel and Visual Merchandising and Computer Aided Design, Range Development, Fashion Forecasting, Design Collection. The educational program likewise guzzles some inborn elements for the improvement of abilities of the understudies The educational plan likewise soaks up some natural elements for the improvement of abilities of the understudies. 

Plan and Creativity 

This is anxious upon all through the understudy's preparation time frame. The understudies stay in an environment of motivation, feel and freedom of ideas. The understudies are inspired to work on story lines dependent on global patterns and estimates, yet urged to keep their foundations in conventional Indian materials and strategies. 

Field Visits : Understudies are taken for visits to mechanical foundations and fairs in order to expand their viewpoints of the article of clothing industry.

Term Garment : It is a recreation of the business customer interest in which understudies embrace pragmatic exercise, to assess their plan imagination, design making abilities and nature of development. Along these lines they comprehend the subjective and coordinations of the whole course of piece of clothing producing. 

Introductions/Seminars: Alongside the article of clothing introductions, the understudies are offered freedom to introduce the current points identified with the piece of clothing industry as study hall workshops and introductions, which keeps them side by side with the most recent turns of events and methods continued in the business. 

Art Documentation 

Specialty documentation shapes a significant piece of the educational plan of Fashion Design course in the second semester.â Here the understudies embrace broad journey to study and report the rich and different stylish legacy of our country.â The review empowers the understudies to connect with the skilled workers in their territories and get the direct information on the workmanship and specialties. Industry Internship: After the fourth semester the understudies are needed to embrace a month and a half industry temporary position program wherein they work either in the business or under a notable designer.â The principle objective of this activity is to empower the understudies to get an understanding into the genuine work space. 

Graduating Design Collection: The last assortment is an augmented experience of the difficult work and work of the understudies of the last semester. The assortments epitomize the specialized achievements, the innovative energy and theory behind the ideas and plans. The most common way of making the assortments begins from motivations to conceptualization followed by sourcing, fostering the model, sewing and accessorization of the last gathering. The last introductions convey with them the motivations and driving forces of the maturing creators. The assortments are decreed by a jury containing originators and industry specialists. 

Vocation Opportunities : Innovative Pattern Makers, Illustrators, Costume Designers, Fashion Merchandisers, Fashion Forecasters, Teachers And Entrepreneurs to give some examples.ocation Opportunities : Innovative Pattern Makers, Illustrators, Costume Designers, Fashion Merchandisers, Fashion Forecasters, Teachers And Entrepreneurs to give some examples.

Short Name of Program:  DFD

Full Name of Program:   Diploma in Fashion Design

Program Duration:  2 years

Eligibility Criteria:  Any

Exam Mode:  Semester

Full Program Fees:  32000

Available Medium :   English

Syllabus of DFD ( Diploma in Fashion Design)

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